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Websites . Graphic Design . Print Work . Photography

I'm not going to rattle on about what I had for breakfast!

I believe the best websites should be quality made-to-measure bespoke designs. Perfectly cut to fit and tailored to suit your needs.

Your website design should be a pixel perfect extension of who you are and what you do. Not just another generic label !

If you're looking to update your current online presence, create a new website or start an online business. Do you require a logo, graphic design, print work or photography to complete your branding?

Take a look at my portfolio page to decide if Creation Site Designs is the right choice for you.

Simply contact me for a personal service, which won't cost the earth..!
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Responsive Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Recent Development in Responsive Web Design
Google’s mobile update was launched on April 21, 2015. The update targets websites that are mobile unfriendly. If your website is not responsive, you will lose your mobile search rankings and visitor traffic. Get in touch if your need advise on updating your website. Check below using "Googles Mobile-Friendly Test" to make sure your not loosing rank..!

With the internet being viewed on mobile devices more than ever before, a responsive designed website will morph to suit the screen size and shape.
This is not just a resizing of the original site, but a transformation of visual content across desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones, which means the site adapts to the screen size it's viewed on and changes it's appearance, very cool stuff..!

Since 2012 I have taken the approach to only build responsive websites as I believed this was the future of cost effective website design and now with the recent announcement from Google, something you cannot ignore.
To see the effects of responsive design you can view this site on a portable device such as a phone or tablet. Alternatively just reduce the size of your browser window to see the content transform on a larger monitor ( this is not a completely true representation of mobile devices but it will help to understand the concept ).
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IOS & Flash

No Slide Show on my iPhone! Why?

As Apple take an ever increasing foothold with the use of their smart phones and tablets, steering away from flash sites or flash embedded addons used within a site, should not to be taken lightly. It looks as though they are unlikely to include it any time in the future. This means flash elements within your site will not show up on IOS devices leaving blank spaces; which means, a huge market of potential clients are not seeing your site as it should be viewed.

Well, not all bad news is bad news! Most flash features that are used within sites are now developed and incorporated using a host of methods which do work on IOS devices, everything included in this site is made without flash.

It's the way of the future!

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